2006 Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic

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Live Clinic Sessions
658 minutes
Almost 11 hours of exceptional baseball instruction-Texas style. On two separate extended-play DVDs, 16 coaches share their insights and information on how baseball coaches at all competitive levels can get the most out of their teams and athletes.

Featured Presentations:
  • 2005 Texas State Champion Coaches Sessions (Scott Holder, Neil Hennigan, Scoot Lee, Steve Chapman, David Denny)
  • What a Scout Looks For (Rusty Pendergrass)
  • 2006 Baseball Rules Changes and Points of Emphasis (Jay Evans)
  • UIL Report, Cooperstown Hall of Fame President Presentation (Dale Petroskey)
  • Pitching to Colors: Color Your Way to Command (Tony Robichaux)
  • Thunderbird Offense (Ray Birmingham)
  • Infield Play and Techniques (Bob Morgan)
  • Baseball Practice the Tulane Way (Rick Jones)
  • Covering the Basics-Thoughts and Ideas for Defensive Practice (Hugh Buchanan)
  • The Effect of Sports-Specific Training for Upper-Extremity Injury Prevention in Overhead Athletes (Bubba Wilson)
  • Hitting Made Simple (John Groth)
  • Texas A&M Pitching Plan (Rob Childress)
  • Added feature: THSBCA Hall of Fame Banquet-Roger Clemens (Guest Speaker)