2017 USA Football High School Coaching Notes

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James A. Peterson
312 pages

The 2017 USA Football High School Coaching Notes, by James A. Peterson PhD, features articles written by some of the most successful coaches in the country, offering insights and ideas to help your program reach its potential. Chapters include three dozen high school coaches and content experts on subjects ranging from offensive and defensive schemes, positional play, fundamentals, game-day preparation, program development and leadership, with the goal of building all aspects of a football program to its full capability.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Developing a Defensive Philosophy, Kenny Sanchez
Chapter 2: Defending RPOs From a 4-2-5/4-3 Split-Field Match Quarters Scheme, Cody Alexander
Chapter 3: Defensive Line Play in the Double Eagle Flex Defense, Ted Amorosi
Chapter 4: Punt Fundamentals, DJ Baddeley
Chapter 5: Defensive Game Planning, Richard Bell
Chapter 6: The Hands Team on Your Kicking Units, Andy Bitto
Chapter 7: Zone Blocking for the Triple Option, Elmer Britton
Chapter 8: Defending Offensive Schemes, Denny M. Burdine
Chapter 9: Executing the Inside Zone, Mike Carr
Chapter 10: Defending Against Common Plays With the 3-5-3, Thomas Cousins
Chapter 11: Creating a Systematic Framework and Structure for All Kinds of RPOs, Andrew Coverdale
Chapter 12: Creating a Leadership Council and Culture, Brent Eckley
Chapter 13: RPOs—The Modern Double and Triple Options, Paul Golla
Chapter 14: Defining Concept-Based Passing, Dan Gonzalez
Chapter 15: Basic Blitzes in the Under Front Defense From Man Coverage, Jerry Gordon
Chapter 16: Coach Kids First; Coach Football Second, Bob Grace
Chapter 17: The Spread Bone Offense: Know Your Chosen Weapon, Heath Hamrick and Todd Allen
Chapter 18: Establishing Run Responsibilities for the Defensive Secondary, Leo Hand
Chapter 19: Situational Defensive Alignments With the Multiple 4-3, Dennis Harris
Chapter 20: Gamespeed: Movement as a Skill, Ian Jeffreys
Chapter 21: Teaching Life Lessons From Football, Craig Johnston
Chapter 22: Kickoff Essentials, Steve Libassi
Chapter 23: Defending RPOs, Thomas MacPherson
Chapter 24: Wide Receiver Play: Yards After the Catch, S. “Chuck” Myers
Chapter 25: Defending the Option With an Aggressive Eight-Man Front Defense, George Overton
Chapter 26: Measuring an Offensive Play’s Effectiveness, Chris Paulson and Jeff Glessner
Chapter 27: Long-Snapping Basics, Kenny Ratledge
Chapter 28: Coaching the Gap Scheme, John Rose
Chapter 29: The Direct Snap Series in the Multiple Single Wing Offense, Jerry Sarchet
Chapter 30: Preparing Linebackers for Game Week and Game Day, Michael Scott
Chapter 31: Punt and Punt Return: The Most Explosive Play in the Game of Football, Steve Specht
Chapter 32: Clock Management: Taking a Knee, John Sterner
Chapter 33: Proper Quarterback Passing Mechanics and How to Correct Common Throwing Errors, Charlie Stubbs