AFCA Chalk War: Navy Offense

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Ashley Ingram
47 minutes
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In AFCA Chalk War: Navy Offense, Ashley Ingram, Navy Running Game Coordinator, host a chalk talk session focused on the X’s and O’s of the Navy offense. Coach Ingram reviews the schemes and concepts, how to make adjustments based on your opponents defensive schemes and personnel, and his philosophies on play-calling. Coach Ingram also provides diagrams of his top plays, and shows film cut-ups reviewing the do’s and don’ts of the Navy offense. Additionally, Coach Ingram stresses keeping things simple, focusing on getting players to play fast and physical through practice repetitions.

Topics covered include:

• Overview of the Navy Offense
• Play-Calling
• Building A Playbook
• Positional Responsibilities
• Triple-Option Offense
• Making Adjustments to Defensive Schemes
• Offensive Formations
• Play-action and Bootlegs