Coaching the 800 Meters

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Mark Elliott
59 minutes

Coaching the 800 Meters presents an overview of how coaches can deal with the key factors involved in coaching the 800m event. The DVD outlines how the program is structured for 800m runners at LSU, as well as points out the team approach at LSU that is utilized for the event-a philosophy in which the focus is on the athletes first and the system second. The DVD also looks at what developmental aspects coaches should address during the three specific training phases (seasons) of the year-August to late November (when the work load is highest for half-milers); December to February (when most of the training work moves to the track); and March to June (when the overall mileage ran tends to decrease because of the need for recovery time).

Among the topics covered:

  • Personal view on the event
  • Base/foundation
  • Event-specific period
  • Competition period