Defensive Coordinator's Football Handbook

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Leo Hand
247 pages

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Defensive Coordinator's Football Handbook is a complete guide for football coaches. The information contained in the book has been compiled by Leo Hand during 47 years of coaching championship teams at both the high school and collegiate levels. Numerous topics are covered that will enable any coach to successfully understand and defend modern offenses. Including: 

• An overview of contemporary offensive trends 
• A system for identifying offensive formations and personnel groupings 
• A system for creating multiple defensive fronts and secondary coverages 
• The base reads, reactions, and techniques for defensive linemen and linebackers 
• Synopses of the responsibilities and techniques necessary to install different odd and even eight-man and seven-man fronts 
• Run responsibilities and techniques for both three-deep and four-deep secondaries 
• Strategies and tactics necessary to stop 19 of today's most potent running plays 
• An explanation of the adjustments and techniques necessary to install variations of man-to-man pass coverages as well as variations of zone and combo pass coverages versus different contemporary offensive formations 
• Different stunt strategies that enable your defense to actually attack the offense