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Drills for Teaching the Assaulting Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
00 Cash Test

00 Cash Test

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Author: Chris Endres
Length: 82 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008134793
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Drills for Teaching the Assaulting Dribble-Drive Motion Offense features a series of daily practice drills that coaches can employ to develop skill sets in their players that are specific to this basket-attacking offensive system. The drills cover an extensive array of fundamental skills and techniques, including ballhandling in dribble penetration, getting to the open spots for jump shots off of kick-out passes, and moves for players in the post and at the elbows. Appropriate for coaches, teams, and players at all competitive levels, the DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches who want to improve their team’s ability to pressure and overwhelm defenses with this aggressive offensive attack.

Among the topics covered:

• Teaching the guards to dribble penetrate
• Shooting drills
• Three-man dribble drives
• Post drills