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Identifying Offensive Formations
00 Cash Test

00 Cash Test

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Author: Larry Peccatiello
Length: 27 minutes
Published: 2012
Format: DVD

Product Code: 827008146796
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Identifying Offensive Formations details why it is beneficial for a defense to start out in a base package and then to adjust and respond appropriately to the alignment of the offense. The DVD explains the key factors that can be used by a defense to identify the offense’s formation and outlines how those factors help determine the relative responsibilities of the various defenders. The DVD also discusses the advantages of a defense playing in strong zone (cover 3) set-up.

Among the topics covered:

• Strong zone (cover 3)
• Basic concept (cover 3)
• Determine run & pass strength
• Identifying formations
• Formation identification
• Identifying personnel
• Defining personnel for zone-coverage responsibilities