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Features our most recent books and DVDs across all phases of the game


Unsurpassed interactive instruction, featuring touch diagrams, embedded film cut-ups, coaches commentary, and more - all designed for viewing as an eBook on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Individual Play — Defense

Principles, fundamentals, techniques and drills for coaching and developing linebackers, defensive backs and linemen.

Individual Play — Offense

Principles, fundamentals, techniques, and drills for coaching and developing quarterbacks, running backs, offensive linemen, tight ends and wide receivers .

Team Play — Defense

Concepts, schemes and alignments, including the 3-4, multiple front defenses, pressures and blitzes, defending specific offensive systems, goal line and more.

Team Play — Offense

Concepts, schemes and formations, including air raid, shotgun, red zone, single wing, west coast, option, no-huddle, play packaging, two minute drills, and many more.

Special Teams

Concepts, schemes, techniques and drills for coaching special teams, including kickoff and punt coverage, placekicking, kickoff and punt return design, long snapping and more.

Youth Football

Developing a successful youth program, fundamentals and individual skill development, offensive schemes and formations, defensive systems and alignments, special teams, conditioning, drills and more.

NFL Coach's Association Instructional DVD Series

Concepts, execution and drills authored by former NFL coaches for quarterbacks and defensive backs.

Nike Products

Coach of the Year Clinics Instructional DVD Series, as well as clinic notes and manuals comprising collections of lectures by professional, college and high school coaches.

Gaining a competitive edge is key to coaching a successful football program. As the game continues to change, coaching strategies must also evolve.

As the industry leader in developing instructional products for football, the basic mission of Coaches Choice is to provide coaches with the opportunity to learn from experts in their field.

The extensive Coaches Choice library of products features the most comprehensive offering of DVDs and books, covering all facets of the game, that is available on the market.

Regardless if you are an experienced coach or first timer, our football coaching books and DVDs provide instructional materials and drills that are designed to help you get the most out of your team. DVDs and books from Coaches Choice are like having personal access to some of the top football coaching minds in the country.