The Complete Kicking Game

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Brent Grablachoff
45 minutes
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Brent Grablachoff, owner and Head Coach at Kicking World presents The Complete Kicking Game. Focusing on the fundamentals and techniques used in the kicking game (field goals, kickoffs, and punts), The Complete Kicking Game demonstrates proper mechanics and details how to improve in all aspects. Coach Grablachoff emphasizes keeping the instruction simple and easy to remember, which allows his athletes to understand and replicate the drills on and off the field. Additionally, Grablachoff discusses the mental aspect of kicking and how to improve there as well.

Topics covered include:

• Kicking Mechanics
• Right Foot vs. Left Foot Kickers
• Snapping and Holding Fundamentals
• Physics of Kicking
• The Mental Game of Kicking
• Off Field Kicking Drills
• The ”Importance of Balance”
• Directional Kicking