Justin Mayer is the president and executive director of the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching. He has also been the executive director of the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) since 2008. Justin’s coaching experience includes coaching triathletes of all ages and levels and Little League baseball players. From Little League baseball to Ironman Triathlons®, sports have played an integral role in shaping Justin into the person he is today. Upon entering college at The University of Chicago, where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Justin decided to focus on marathon running and triathlons. Justin lives in Chicago with his wife, Valentina, and their beautiful baby girl, Elsa.

John E. Mayer, Ph.D., has been a passionate advocate for youth, families, and schools for over 25 years. He is the author of 20 books and over 60 professional articles. He has established himself as a leading authority on the problems of young people and families. Dr. Mayer received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Northwestern University Medical School and has taught at leading universities both in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Mayer maintains a private practice in Chicago, IL, is the president of the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA), and serves on the board of the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching (CEYC).

Value-Based Coaching: Principles and Perspectives

Author: Justin E. Mayer, John E. Mayer
Published 2013
Length 195 pages
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Product Code: 9781606792445