This Week on Coaches Choice

Posted by Coaches Choice on Nov 11th 2020

With fall sports wrapping up across the country, we shift our focus to the off-season. It's time to work with your athletes to improve their fundamentals, work on leadership development, … read more

The 14 Characteristics of Championship Wrestlers

Posted by Coaches Choice on Aug 4th 2020

We're excited to announce a new book, The Elite Wrestler by Keith Manos. Manos, a Hall of Fame coach from Ohio, draws on his decades of experience to pinpoint 14 different characteristics champio … read more

Coaching Never Stops - A Message from Coaches Choice

Posted by Coaches Choice on Mar 23rd 2020

Coaches are the heart of sport. We lead. We teach. We inspire. It's something we take pride in, part of how we define ourselves and the communities we build are both meaningful and powerful.These are … read more

Kicking a Field Goal or Going for a Touchdown

Posted by Homer Smith on Feb 7th 2020

It’s fourth down. Three points are there if you want to take them.Do you give up the nearly sure three for a try at seven? How do you weigh that decision if failing to if failing to score anything w … read more

Maximizing Man-to-Man Match-Ups

Posted by Fritz Shurmur on Jan 27th 2020

One of the key factors in utilizing man-to-man coverages is to keep the individual defenders matched up as close as possible from an ability standpoint. It is important that coaches do not ask defe … read more