Using the Intentional Incomplete Pass, the Spike

Posted by Homer Smith on Nov 11th 2019

The clock is running. Time is winding down. The offense rushes to the line.Do you call a play or spike the ball? Are those seconds worth the extra down?It’s time to decide. Let me help you.A spike … read more

Coaching the 46 Defense: Beating the Jump-Through Block

Posted by Rex Ryan on Nov 4th 2019

Defensive linemen must learn how to counter a jump-through block (i.e., scoop block) early on in their skill development.The term jump-through identifies the action of the offensive lineman whose a … read more

Practicing the No-Huddle

Posted by Mark McElroy on Oct 29th 2019

The purpose of practice is to prepare an offense to be successful each week against all opponents. The main objectives of a practice are scheme development and the improvement of players’ condition … read more

Player Responsibilities in No-Huddle Communication

Posted by Gus Malzahn on Oct 21st 2019

Once a head coach has determined and understands the coaches’ responsibilities within play calling for a no-huddle system, the focus shifts to the roles for players within the communication system. … read more

Teaching Hand Skills to Defensive Players

Posted by Frank Shurmur on Oct 16th 2019

No skill or technique is more important to defensive players than the ability to use their hands. This goes for all players on that side of the ball if they are to play their positions effectively. … read more