Player Responsibilities in No-Huddle Communication

Posted by Gus Malzahn on Oct 21st 2019

Once a head coach has determined and understands the coaches’ responsibilities within play calling for a no-huddle system, the focus shifts to the roles for players within the communication system. … read more

Teaching Hand Skills to Defensive Players

Posted by Frank Shurmur on Oct 16th 2019

No skill or technique is more important to defensive players than the ability to use their hands. This goes for all players on that side of the ball if they are to play their positions effectively. … read more

Developing an Annual Strength Training Plan

Posted by Joe Kenn on Sep 20th 2019

An annual strength plan is unique to each sport.A frequently asked question I get from many football coaches is when does the year begin? Some believe the annual plan starts when the school year st … read more

The Complete Guide to the Shotgun Jet Sweep Series

Posted by Bruce Eien on Jul 17th 2019

The jet sweep package is one of those things that every coach, no matter what their base offense is, can implement into their package to complement what they already do. Coach Bruce Eien presents … read more

​Why Use RPOs in your Offense?

Posted by Rich Hargitt on Dec 25th 2018

Some offensive strategists hypothesize that a playbook can be constructed with a quick screen or a quick pass attached to almost every run play in an offense’s arsenal. The evolution of the&nbsp … read more