101 4-4 Defensive Stunts and Drills for Youth Football

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Chris Booth
118 pages

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101 4-4 defensive stunts and drills for youth football is a guide book that teaches defensive strategies that can confuse a youth offense such as four and five man stunts, six man, seven man, and eight man stunts. The 4-4 stack defense allows nine players to play out of a two-point stance, which allows the defense to have a clear view of what the offense is trying to do. This defense allows stacking the linebackers behind the front four, which makes them harder to block. This defensive alignment also creates numerous stunting possibilities, which range from four-man pressure to eight-man pressure.

The use of stunts can confuse and frustrate a youth offense. Provides seventy-five detailed 4-4 stunts that incorporate different types of man pressure (varying from four-man to eight-man), a detailed description of each stunt, including a clear definition of each player's assignment, and a description of individual and team drills that can help in the successful implementation of the 4-4 defense.

Chapters include:

  • Four- and Five-Man Stunts
  • Six-Man Stunts
  • Seven-Man Stunts
  • Eight-Man Stunts
  • Position Drills for the 4-4 Defense