101 Concepts for Effective Football Practice

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Steve Axman
186 pages


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The book, 101 Concepts for Effective Football Practice presents a wide variety of football practice concepts that can, in their whole or their parts, give a coach effective ideas to develop and prepare to be at their peak come game time.

Many of the ideas presented in this book may seem to be slanted towards the offense, defense, or kicking game. However, the everyday individual drills series of Concept #43, using "offensive backfield" play as the example, could as easily be used for a multitude of facets of offensive, defensive, or kicking game play.

Author, Steve Axman was most recently the quarterback coach at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Previously, he served as the assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach. Axman oversaw the work of UW record-setting quarterbacks Marques Tuiasosopo and Cody Pickett. During the 2003 season, he was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at UCLA.