2009 Clinic Notes Lectures by Premier High School Coaches

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Earl Browning
270 pages

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This manual provides a collection of some of the best lectures selected from the 2009 series of Coach of the Year Clinics. Featuring thirty-six presentations made by America`s premier high school coaches, including:

  • Fifteen Points in Turning the Program Around (Brian Barnes) 
  • Coaching Linebackers and Tackling Drills (John Beck) 
  • The Complete Option Game (Shawn Berner) 
  • Play-Action Passes of the Zone Option (Ben Blackmon) 
  • Staff Organization and Planning (Mike Brookhart) 
  • The Zone Blitz Package (Anthony Campanile) 
  • Offensive Overview and the Stretch Play (Bill Castle) 
  • Screen Passing Game for Running Backs (Randy Coleman) 
  • The Passing Game Made Simple (Bret Comp) 
  • The 4-3 Defense: Fire Zone Blitz (Greg Dempsey) 
  • Pressure Defense on Third Down (LaKunta Farmer) 
  • Defensive Concepts and Multiple Coverages (Kirk Fridrich) 
  • Essentials in Installing the Spread Offense (Bob Gaddis) 
  • The 3-3 Stack Fire Zone Blitz Package (Jeff Giesting) 
  • Offensive Linemen Leverage Principles (Scott Gragg) 
  • Power Runs and Play-Action Passes (Tim Gushue) 
  • Motivating Defensive Linemen (Steve Jacoby) 
  • Special Teams Organization (Ca