3-5-3 Overview: Base Fronts, Coverages, Adjustments, Blitzes, and Stunts

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Thomas Cousins
47 minutes

3-5-3 Overview: Basic Fronts, Coverages, Adjustments, Blitzes, and Stunts provides a comprehensive review of the underlying theory and the key elements involved in installing and implementing the 3-5-3 defensive scheme, including the based fronts and five line calls employed in the scheme, the coverages and basic coverage adjustments, and the entire blitz package. The DVD also details the type of personnel who are best suited to execute the 3-5-3.

Among the topics covered:

  • Implementation of the 3-5-3 defense
  • Fronts, coverages
  • Advantages of the 3-5-3
  • Defensive-calling procedure

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