50 Cover Zero: Shut Down Defense for Youth and Middle School Football

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Chad Szablewski
70 pages
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Do you need a simple, yet flexible defense that helps players easily recognize where to line up and exactly what to do to attack the opponent’s offense? Then this book is it! The 50 Cover Zero Defense can stuff any rushing attack and blanket any passing threat with coverage or pressure. The ultimate compliment of anyone is imitation and after a decade of utilizing this defense opponents started to utilize the same concepts! During the ten years of utilizing this defense exclusively it allowed an astounding 6 points a game on average. It produced 4 Big South Conference Championships, three undefeated seasons, and 4 Big South Conference Runner Ups. All while being the smallest school within the conference. This defense gives each player a specific job and maintains a balanced and accountable defense from each position. If executed properly the defense will never be undermanned to either side and will always have a player accountable for every eligible receiver/ball carrier the offense has – no matter the formation. There are also many other options for the defense to attack defensive tendencies such as: Defensive line stunts and slants, Linebacker blitzes, Defensive End stunts and blitzes and various coverage options. Each position is specifically detailed as to exactly which technique to use depending upon which call has been sent in. Game planning and how to scout the opponent’s offense is also covered in a easy to use template. When your defense shows up prepared and knows exactly how to stop each of the opponent’s plays it demoralizes the other teams. Be prepared for teams to eventually abandon the offense or offensive game plan they have used all season to try to move the ball against the 50 Cover Zero! Yet this flexible and multiple defense is easily adjusted in game to any last-minute changes the other team may try to throw your way as well!