A Winning Program for Coaching the Jumps

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Lisa Bauduin
76 minutes

A Winning Program for Coaching the Jumps provides an overview of several of the key factors involved in a training program for the jumps. Appropriate for track & field coaches at all competitive levels, the DVD points out how critical it is for coaches to have a comprehensive training plan, as well as outlines the basic concepts entailed in incorporating jumps into the athletes' training regimen. The DVD also details the various planning stages for developing the jumps and explains how to use periodization to increase training level appropriately. In addition, the DVD reviews how coaches can establish a baseline foundation of preparation in their athletes.

Among the topics covered:

  • The big question mark
  • Right reasons for coaching
  • Incorporating the jumps into your training
  • Increase training load appropriately
  • Weight training
  • Multi-jumps-plyometrics
  • Short jumps
  • General prep