Advanced Receiver Drills

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Stan Zweifel
71 minutes
Advanced Receiver Drills is a resource for coaches who want to take the skill level of their receivers to a higher level. Initially, the DVD reviews the fundamental chain of key factors involved in catching the ball. The DVD discusses the optimal base position for catching the ball, as well as details the single most important aspect of catching the ball-the position of the receiver`s hands. Finally, the DVD features 20 proven, advanced drills that coaches can employ to develop the art of receiving.

Among the topics covered:
  • Base position
  • Hand position
  • See your hands
  • Nose on the ball
  • Catch, cap, and lock
  • Everyday drills: 3-line catch
  • Everyday drills: sideline toe dance/drag & lift
  • Everyday drills: end zone toe touch/drag & lift
  • Everyday drills: figure 8
  • Everyday drills: 4 big bag drive back to the ball
  • Everyday drills: sternum
  • Everyday drills: blind ball
  • Distraction drills: alley
  • Distraction drills: find the hole
  • Distraction drills: alley oop
  • Stationary drills: goal post
  • Stationary drills: shield
  • Stationary drills: on-the-back
  • Stationary drills: behind-the-back
  • Off-season drills: globe trotter
  • Off-season drills: tennis ball
  • Off-season drills: self-toss
  • Competitive drills: fade
  • Competitive drills: skelly
  • Competitive drills: half-line skelly