Air Raid Offense Rule of Five: No-Huddle Signals and Communication System

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Rich Hargitt
55 minutes
The Rule of 5 is a straightforward, relatively simple way for a coach to reduce and organize the amount of offense that his team takes into a game each week. Scaling down his offensive package to five calls per subcategory, the playcaller then adds versatility to the limited number of concepts in his team's offensive arsenal through the use of formations and tags. As a result, this method of organizing the offense enables the playcaller to prioritize what plays he chooses to be a part of each week's game plan. This video provides playcallers with a step-by-step framework that can be utilized to build an up-tempo, no-huddle system, using hand signals.

Among the topics covered: 

• Cultural change 
• Why use the air-raid offense? 
• Rule of five rationale 
• No-huddle structure 
• Run game 
• Fast screens 
• Slow screens 
• Quick game/rpo's 
• Dropback game