Alternative Concepts Within the Spread Offense

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John Rice
41 minutes

Alternative Concepts Within the Spread Offense reviews several different game-tested concepts that coaches can incorporate into their team`s spread offensive package in order to enhance its effectiveness. The DVD is designed for coaches who are looking to explore different formations that can be utilized to help attack defenses within the spread offense. The key factors involved in each formation and their application to the spread offense are discussed.

Among the topics covered:

  • The alternatives
  • Compressed formations
  • Jet-sweep concept film cut-ups
  • Squeeze concept film cut-ups
  • Spread runs from bunch formations
  • Bunch counter film cut-ups
  • Bunch stretch film cut-ups
  • Bunch toss film cut-ups
  • Bunch spacing film cut-ups
  • More bunch concepts film cut-ups
  • Diamond bubble film cut-ups
  • More diamond formation film cut-ups
  • Two-man stacks film cut-ups
  • Three-man stacks film cut-ups