Applying Defensive Pressure-Concepts and Considerations

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Roger Hinshaw
66 minutes

When defenses set up their pressures, it is essential that they identify the direction and part of the field or formation from which they will come. Applying Defensive Pressure - Concepts and Considerations details the strengths and weaknesses of the various options that exist with regard to exerting defensive pressure. The DVD also emphasizes the need for coaches to make sure that their players understand that there is no perfect pressure. In that regard, the DVD discusses the importance of coaches to give ownership to their defensive players by being honest concerning potential stress points of the pressure they might be employing.

Among the topics covered:

  • Which pressure concept best fits your personnel
  • Which area of offense will you design pressure to attack?
  • Thoughts on 0 man with pressure
  • Thoughts on man-free with pressure
  • Thoughts on zone pressure