Attacking From Multiple Fronts

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Chad Worrell
43 minutes
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In Attacking From Multiple Fronts, Chad Worrell, Head Coach at El Campo HS (TX) discusses how to pressure the QB from multiple formations. Coach Worrell outlines the the formations and how to effectively use pressure and coverages to get sacks and force turnovers. Additionally, Coach Worrell details how to set up your players for success by finding the right positions and formations to use based on personnel. Finally, Coach Worrell uses film cut-ups to illustrate his approach.

Topics covered include:

• Varying Formations to Attack the QB
• Base Defense
• Advantages of Multiple Fronts
• Putting Your Players in the Proper Positions
• Risks vs. Rewards in Attacking the QB
• Limiting Mistakes
• Roles of Each Position
• 4-3 Blitzes and Coverages
• Film Cut-Ups