Basketball Coaches Guide to Advanced Offensive Skill Development

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Shawn Nelson
160 pages/89 minutes

The Basketball Coaches` Guide to Advanced Offensive Skill Development features an intensive and comprehensive program that is specially designed to help basketball players at every competitive level improve their offensive skills. Live-ball moves and a variety of creative scoring opportunities off these live-ball moves are also detailed, as well as the proper fundamentals and footwork for shooting off of screens and transition shooting. In addition, advanced dribble concepts, along with skills conditioning, are included in this program, which utilizes a progressive teaching technique to help ensure that all offensive concepts are grasped in a step-by-step fashion. Furthermore, the book explains how each athlete can practice with a purpose and apply offensive concepts to competitive situations. The information presented in the workout book corresponds directly to the concepts and philosophies taught and shown on the accompanying DVD.

The chapters include:

  • Rip Steps
  • Shot Fake/Step Fakes
  • Combination Live-Ball Moves
  • Shooting Off a Screen
  • Transition Shooting
  • Dribble Workouts
  • Skills Conditioning
  • Shots-a-Day Club
  • Off-Season Challenge
  • Skill Development Games and Miscellaneous