Better Quarterback Fundamentals

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Terry Shea
70 minutes
Better Quarterback Fundamentals presents a comprehensive series of exercises and drills that coaches can use to develop and enhance the skills and techniques of their quarterbacks-from the ground up. The warm-up exercises performed in the video are designed to build the physical aspects of quarterback play, including overall body control and lower-body muscle strength. The video also includes a broad range of drills that cover a wide variety of the attributes involved in sound quarterback play, including footwork, stride, drops, release point, core torque, and accuracy. In addition, the video examines such quarterback-related factors as moving in the pocket, avoiding pass rushers, and going through route progressions. The video also features a compilation of proven daily football practice drills that is appropriate for coaches, athletes, and teams at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered: 

• Warm-up run 
• Weave drill 
• Ball handling drill 
• Footwork 
• Shotgun drill 
• Release and delivery mechanics 
• The maze 
• Over-the-net drill 
• Bag drill 
• Play-action mechanic drill 
• Quarterback specialty drills 
• Spot drill 
• Pat and go drill 
• Route drills 
• 15-yard dig route 
• Endurance drill