Blitzing to Stop the Run in the 3-4 Defense

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Jeff Reinebold
44 minutes

Blitzing to Stop the Run in the 3-4 Defense explains how teams that employ the 3-4 scheme can use the blitz to shut down the run. The DVD reviews the key factors involved in blitzing to stop the run from the 3-4. The DVD discusses the fact that no specific way exists to blitz to stop the run. The DVD also points out that blitzing is not just about taking gaps away. Rather, teams should focus on either blitzing the back or blitzing the formation. The DVD details how players can call blitzes on the field and have the ability to adjust their calls, based on the personnel or formations used by the offense.

Among the topics covered:

  • Philosophy
  • Selection of personnel
  • Structure of the 3-4 defense
  • Key concepts for stopping the run
  • Playing the techniques
  • Key concepts for the linebackers
  • Game footage