Building an Offense Around Your Best Run

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Matt Storm
39 minutes
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In Building an Offense Around Your Best Run, Matt Storm, Offensive Coordinator at Stephen F. Austin University, discusses how to create an offense that builds off your team strengths, specifically in the running game. Coach Storm details how to gain a competitive edge using your run game, while also varying your play-calling and offensive formations. Additionally, Coach Storm shows adjustments that can be made against defensive fronts and coverages to keep opposing defenses off-balance. Coach Storm also provides film cutups illustrating his offensive schemes and philosophies.

Topics covered include:

• Creating an Offensive Identity
• The Wide Zone Scheme
• “Maximizing Your Best Play”
• Adjusting to Defensive Schemes
• Play-Calling – Run and Pass
• Offensive Formations
• Avoiding Negative Yardage Plays
• Positional Responsibilities