Chunk Pass Plays in the Spread

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Dave Jacobs
113 minutes

Chunk Pass Plays in the Spread explains how teams can employ explosive, yet simple, ways to get "chunks" of yards when spreading the ball. The DVD reviews why this approach to offense provides easy reads for the quarterback, which make him more confident and decisive on where to go with the ball. The DVD points out that defenses are always swing their offensive counterparts something. As a result, just by adding a few concepts, an offense can become more explosive, while driving defensive coordinators crazy.

Among the topics covered:

  • Protection
  • Quick game
  • Slant
  • Cover 3
  • Down the field
  • Bubble slant
  • Sluggo
  • Frisco
  • Utah
  • Four verticals
  • Choice sprint-out game
  • Stack
  • Flood