Coaching a Spread No-Huddle Offense

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Craig Johnston
191 pages
The spread no-huddle concepts in Coaching a Spread No-Huddle Offense, by Craig Johnston, can be applied to any offense. You can pre-align, signal, and execute your own offensive scheme using the no-huddle concepts in this book. You can supercharge any offensive scheme. If you take the spread out of spread no-huddle and plug in your particular attack, you will make it faster, more productive, and a lot more fun. Imagine doing everything you already do faster and more efficiently. Supercharge your existing offense by not huddling. Take an existing, potent offense and accelerate it. That is tough to defend.

What coaches are saying:

Coaching a Spread No-Huddle Offense, by Craig Johnston, a successful coach for over 30 years, is a great organizational tool and blueprint for coaches of all levels. The organizational approach along with the personalized information make the book an interesting read—and the great thing about it is that everything covered in the book has been tested by the author himself with championship results! I have had the pleasure of coaching some young men from Coach Johnston’s program in college and they have been well prepared, with an attitude that allows individual success, as well as a readiness to compete and win at the college level. Searching for answers? They are all right here in Craig Johnston’s book. Well done!
- Tim Walsh
  Head Football Coach
  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

In this book, Craig Johnston reveals an exciting and innovative approach to employing a spread no-huddle offense. The book is informative, concise, and applicable to any coach who wants to develop a spread no-huddle attack. Craig’s concept of the basic spread no-huddle features a well-conceived system that any coach can utilize.
- Tom Craft
  Head Football Coach
  Riverside City College
  Four-time state and national champions

Coach Johnston’s book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get good ideas on how to run a spread no-huddle offense. His knowledge of the spread no-huddle offense is unsurpassed. He had a successful past as a quarterback, leading his Cal Poly team to a national championship, and has coached at the Division I, Division II, junior college, and high school levels. His spread no-huddle attack at Carmel High School turned them into winners. I’ve seldom seen anyone as dedicated to detail, staff preparation, and execution at game time. Coach Johnston’s book is a must for anyone looking to run an explosive spread no-huddle attack at any level.
- Marijon Ancich
  Former Head Football Coach
  St. Paul High School (CA)
  Second-winningest high school football coach in California