Coaching Football`s 40 Nickel Defense

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Jeff Walker
272 pages

The most extensive and complete guide to coordinating a defense to stop all offensive attacks. The 40 Nickle Defense employs an eight man front while at the same time covering all eight passing zones. Coach Walker, position by position, covers stance, alignment, and keys. Coach Walker gives the reader a lot of information and explains how to teach it to even the youngest of players. His detailed chapter covering linebacker play in the split defense is by far the best ever written. The 40 Nickle defense, in one way or another, is being used by every football team at all levels. Coach Walker takes a defensive scheme, that is balanced, weakside and strongside, can put 8 men in the box to stop the run or show 8 men in the box to force the pass and have all 8 passing zones covered, and gives coaching points and strategies for all 11 men on the field. This book is a must for all head and defensive coaches.