Coaching Football's Double Eagle-Double Flex Defense

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Leo Hand
176 pages

The double eagle-double flex defense, featuring a unique twist-the addition of a second flexed defender-provides defensive coaches at all competitive levels with a whole new bag of tricks to stop opponents' offenses. Coaching Football's Double Eagle-Double Flex Defense offers the reader the following information:

    · Detailed explanations and illustrations that provide all of the information about alignments, adjustments, techniques, strategies, and tactics that coaches need to successfully install the double eagle-double flex defense
    · Over 300 explosive stunts that are adaptable to a variety of man and zone pass coverages
    · An overview of an easy-to-understand and -apply system of confusing blocking assignments by stemming the base front into multiple looks
    · The introduction of a distinctly different phonetic nomenclature that enables coaches to merge two or more sophisticated stunt maneuvers into a single stunt and then succinctly and expeditiously communicate the stunt to his players
    · In-depth explanations and illustrations of the adjustments and techniques necessary to install eight different pass coverages
    · Detailed explanations and illustrations of the techniques necessary to stop the most potent running plays currently popular in football
    · An overview of how to create a variety of strategies for dealing with empty, red zone, and wildcat formations