Coaching Football's Split 4-4 Defense (Third Edition)

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Pete Noble and James A. Peterson
139 pages
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Coach Pete Noble has written THE definitive book on the split 4-4 defense. As a result of having employed the defense for 16 years and winning more than 115 games, Coach Noble reveals all the information that is necessary to effectively implement the principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics of this effective and diversified multiple defense.

Regardless of whether your specific interests lie at the college, junior college, or high school level, anyone with an abiding passion for football will benefit from the information presented within. Pete includes not only the alignments and assignments necessary to teach and play the defense, but he also covers the keys and reactions for each front and coverage included in the split 4-4 package.

He will take you through formation and motion adjustments for the defensive line, linebackers, and defensive backs. Just as importantly, you will be privy to the concepts necessary to select and utilize personnel and to combat the diversity of formations, movements, plays, and offensive concepts in football today.

Anyone involved in football at any level will learn something from this book.