Coaching Offensive Linemen (Third Edition)

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Dave Christensen & James A. Peterson
258 pages

The updated and revised third edition of Coaching Offensive Linemen, by Dave Christensen & James A. Peterson, features additional information, several new run- and pass-blocking drills, and an easier-to-read and understand format. It also covers such crucial topics as selecting offensive linemen, fundamental concepts for offensive line play, pre-snap fundamentals and the exchange, one- and two-man blocks, offensive linemen in the kicking game, pass-protection and run-blocking schemes, and much, much more. Features nearly 300 images and diagrams.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Selecting the Offensive Linemen
Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts for Offensive Line Play
Chapter 3: Fundamentals and the Exchange
Chapter 4: One-Man Blocks
Chapter 5: Two-Man Blocks
Chapter 6: Pull Blocks
Chapter 7: Run-Blocking Schemes
Chapter 8: Run-Blocking Drills
Chapter 9: Pass Blocking
Chapter 10: Pass-Protection Schemes
Chapter 11: Pass Protection Strategies vs. Modern Blitz Tactics
Chapter 12: Pass-Blocking Drills
Chapter 13: Coaching the Offensive Line in the Spread Offense
Chapter 14: Goal-Line Blocking
Chapter 15: Offensive Linemen in the Kicking Game
Chapter 16: Adopting an Alignment Philosophy

What coaches are saying:

Any offensive line coach who wants to continue to grow as a teacher will want this book. Coaching Offensive Linemen is a valuable asset to assist any coach in developing his offensive linemen. It is filled with fundamentals, techniques, and drills that are currently being used around the country to develop top offensive linemen.
- Gary R. Pinkel
  Former Head Football Coach, University of Missouri

Coaching Offensive Linemen provides an overview of the foundational tools that are essential when coaching offensive linemen. Dave’s knowledge, experience, and insights are reflected on every page. This book is an invaluable teaching asset for offensive line coaches and players alike.
- Herm Edwards
  Head Football Coach, Arizona State University

Written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, this book is an exceptional teaching text for football coaches at all competitive levels. It covers every key aspect of effective offensive line play in detail.
- John Matsko
  Running Game Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

This book is a valuable resource for coaches at all levels who want to develop championship-caliber offensive linemen. The level of detail and clarity of explanation in Coaching Offensive Linemen make this comprehensive text a must teaching tool for every football coach’s library.
- Don James
  Former Head Football Coach, University of Washington