Coaching Pattern-Read Coverage

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Tom Olivadotti
120 pages

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Ultimately, pattern reading is the ability to outnumber the offense to the side of the throw based on the route being executed (e.g., four defenders on three receivers). It is accomplished in an aggressive manner by breaking on receivers' patterns to allow the defender to get closer to the ball. Coaching Pattern-Read Coverage clearly outlines how coaches should teach pattern reading to their players. The book provides a starting point for teaching pattern reading with information that will stimulate your thinking.

Chapters Include:

  • Counting and Identifying
  • What Is Pattern Reading?
  • Terms, Techniques, and Communication
  • Covering Crossers
  • Covering Seams
  • Understanding Pass Concepts
  • Coverages in 4 Under 3 Deep
  • Coverages in 5 Under 2 Deep
  • Coverages in 3 Under 4 Across-Quarters
  • Zone Dogs
  • Defending Screens
  • Additional Important Defensive Points
  • Problems