Coaching the Defensive Line: By the Experts (3rd Edition)

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Earl Browning
242 pages

Twenty top football coaches share their wisdom and experience on the defensive line in this collection of articles from the renowned Coach of the Year Clinics Manuals and Coach of the Year Clinic Notes. Includes:


  • Bill Conley (The Ohio State University) on defensive end techniques
  • Canute Curtis (Towson State University) on fundamentals of defensive line play
  • Butch Davis (University of North Carolina) on developing defensive linemen
  • Greg Mattison (University of Notre Dame) on defensive line techniques and stunts
  • Jim Muehling (Indiana Nebraska) on pass-rush techniques

As well as chapters by Tom Adams, Jared Backus, John Banaszak, Mike Fanoga, Jim Heacock, Steve Jacoby, Jeff Jamrog, Larry Johnson, Vince Okruch, Charlie Partridge, Rick Petri, Joe Sarra, Sal Sunseri, Jim Tanara, and Bill Young.