Coaching the RPO Offense

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Rich Hargitt, Joel Penner
112 pages

Coaching the RPO Offense, by Rich Hargitt, provides step-by-step, detailed information on why and how to implement run/pass option concepts (RPOs). The book explores the difference between approaching the RPO offense from a spread option mindset and from an air raid mindset. The authors have packaged their expertise and experience in their respective schemes, offering readers the very best of the spread option and the very best of the air raid offense, and blending them together to show you how to successfully combine these schemes and allow them to complement each other.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Fundamental Philosophies of the Spread Option Offense
Chapter 2: Fundamental Philosophies of the Air Raid Offense
Chapter 3: Inside-Out or Outside-In?
Chapter 4: Best Run Schemes in the Spread Option
Chapter 5: Air Raid Passing Concepts
Chapter 6: Air Raid Fast Screen Plays
Chapter 7: RPO Packaged Concepts
Chapter 8: Implementation of the RPO Offense