Complete Offensive Line Drill Package

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John Rice
48 minutes
Complete Offensive Line Drill Package provides a comprehensive overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques required to develop outstanding offensive linemen, regardless of age or ability. Using on-the-field demonstrations, the DVD presents a clear and concise teaching progression for offensive linemen, utilizing an invaluable compilation of game-tested drills that are designed to enhance the critical skills involved in sound offensive line play, including both two- and three-point stances, and a run-blocking progression for various types of techniques in both man (drive, double-team, trap, counter, fold) and zone (combo) schemes.

Among the topics covered:
  • Planning and executing drills for all positions
  • Get the most meaningful repetitions as possible
  • Warm-up drills
  • Chutes and sleds
  • Zone blocking
  • Pulling and trapping
  • Non-zone combos
  • Pass blocking
  • Pit drill
  • Oklahoma