Concepts for Play Packaging

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Andrew Coverdale
72 minutes

Concepts for Play Packaging presents a detailed overview of ideas and insights that coaches can employ to help make any offensive system more efficient by detailing creative, teachable ways to marry different parts of a coach's offensive arsenal so that an offense can always play with the percentages in its favor. The DVD addresses several factors, including: the philosophy of play packaging; types of play packages, including run-run, run-pass, motion and movement enhancements, and other packaging concepts; tools for recognition; and nuts-and-bolts teaching methods to make packaged plays functional on game night.

Among the topics covered:

  • Philosophy
  • Run-run checks
  • Defining overhang
  • Defining A and B sides
  • Defining tight and wide
  • Motion checks
  • Juke
  • Pairing run and pass plays
  • Run-quick checks: concepts
  • Basic check
  • Making it work: cadence
  • Making it work: movement
  • Checkers