Concussions in Sports: Treating and Making Return-to-Play Decisions

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Rod Walters
25 minutes
The challenge of dealing with the concussed athlete can be a tremendous responsibility to the sports medicine team. As such management of this injury has evolved into dealing with symptoms and pathology from various systems. Concussions in Sports: Treating and Making Return-to-Play Decision explains why by establishing baseline measurements, objective data can be extracted and used to make valid return-to-play decisions post-injury. The DVD also details how effective communication and objective assessment can help facilitate the effective treatment of this difficult injury.

Among the topics covered:

• Worst case scenario: second impact syndrome
• Long-term cognitive impairment
• Post-concussion syndrome risk factors
• Why more concern with kids?
• Remember the risk factors
• What happens to the brain during a concussion?
• How do you sort it out?
and many more...