Defending 4- and 5-Receiver Sets

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Jay Hoffman
70 minutes

The use of 4- and 5-receiver sets is becoming ever more popular with teams at all competitive levels. Defending 4- and 5- Receiver Sets details various options against these offensive sets using 4-3 and 30-stack defensive packages. The DVD also reviews various coverage schemes with checks that can be employed against both types of sets. In addition, stunts and blitzes that can be used against the spread and no-back sets are explained and demonstrated.

Among the topics covered:

  • Base 4-3 defense variations
  • Line stunts against 4- and 5-receiver sets
  • Secondary coverages against 4- and 5-receiver sets
  • Blitzes against 4- and 5-receiver sets from both a 4-3 defense and a 30-stack defense
  • Game film cut-ups