Defending the Option with the Multiple Attack 4-2/4-4 Scheme-a Game-Week Adjustment Package

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Doug Dutton
46 minutes

Defending the Option With the Multiple 4-2/4-4 Attack Scheme-A Game-Week Adjustment Package explains how teams that employ either a 4-2 or 4-4 defensive scheme can make specific adjustments that can enhance their ability to defend any option attack. The DVD details how these adjustments can force option teams into bad situations and increase the chance for turnovers and offensive errors. The DVD also discusses how 4-2/4-4 defensive teams can neutralize a star player on the opponent's offense.

Among the topics covered:

  • Option basics
  • Keys to the package
  • Fronts and plays
  • Dealing with over-splits
  • Coverage and support
  • Unbalanced formation adjustments
  • Option-week organization

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