Defending the Run With the Odd-Stack Defense

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James Vint
62 minutes
Defending the Run With the Odd-Stack Defense explains how teams can defend against the run game with the 3-5-3 defensive scheme. The DVD discusses how the 3-5-3 allows teams to put more speed on the field, which can facilitate their efforts to shutdown their opponent's run game. The DVD also reviews the fronts, stunts, and blitzes from the 3-5-3 that are essential to defending the run game.

Among the topics covered:
  • Why the 30-stack?
  • Looking at the stats
  • Personnel
  • Basic run defense concepts
  • Understanding pursuit roles
  • Defending popular two-back concepts
  • Defending the Wing-T
  • Defending 31 and 32 personnel
  • Film cut-ups