Defensive Back Drills and Tackling Fundamentals

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Greg Vandagriff
45 minutes
Defensive Back Drills and Tackling Fundamentals presents an overview of the key factors involved in all phases of sound tackling. The DVD reviews the techniques required to execute each of the four basic types of tackles (form, angle, open-field, and sideline). The DVD also features a series of game-tested drills that are designed to develop the fundamental skills involved in successful defensive back play. Among the topics covered:
  • Form tackling
  • Sideline tackle
  • Position tackling
  • Tackling circuit
  • Defensive-back drills
  • Break-up-a-pass drill
  • Cover-3 drills
  • Coverage-progression drills
  • Corner-coverage drills
  • Cover-2 drills
  • Cover-2 and cover-3 drills
  • Perimeter screens 2- and 3-man