Defensive Back Fundamentals-Footwork & Break Progression

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Jud Keim
46 minutes
Defensive Back Fundamentals-Footwork & Break Progression offers an exceptional resource for coaches who want to enhance the footwork skills and technique of their defensive backs. The DVD shows and explains the key factors involved in sound footwork. The DVD also features a series of proven drills that coaches can use to develop the footwork in their defensive backs. Presented in a progressive sequence, the drills are appropriate for coaches, players, and teams at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered:

• Stance
• Creep steps
• Backpedal
• Line drills
• Break-drill series
• Flower drill
• Double ‘n' drill
• Get-out-of-town drill
• Tandem drill
• Deep route-recovery drill
• Open-break & centerfield drills