Defensive Back Skills, Drills, and Technique

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Steve Shaughnessy
54 minutes
Defensive Back Skills, Drills, and Technique features a comprehensive series of drills designed to develop successful performance in the secondary. The drills cover a variety of key factors, including footwork, change-of-directions, ball reaction, and tackling, as well as the fundamental techniques involved in playing both man and zone coverage. The DVD provides tips on playing the fade and slant routes and details techniques that defensive backs can employ to read the three-step and five-step drop. The DVD also reviews tips on playing halves coverages and deep-third coverages.

Among the topics covered:

• Stance
• Backpedal to run support
• W drill
• 3-step, 5-step
• Backpedal
• Stem pedal
• Weave
• Backpedal & turn
• Directions
• Flip turn
• Cushion drill