Defensive Line Agility Drills

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DeChon Burns
72 minutes
Defensive Line Agility Drills includes a number of game-tested drills that coaches can use to develop the ability of their defensive line to move efficiently, effectively, and purposefully. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-apply and understand manner. Among the attributes that the drills are designed to improve in defensive linemen are balance, footwork, hip movement, the ability to get-off, the ability to close on quarterbacks who are attempting to pass, and the ability to redirect their movement to the perimeter.
Among the topics covered:
• Agility series
• Forward step-overs
• Lateral step-overs
• Lateral, lateral, forward step-overs
• Weave drill
• Step-over and close
• Cutback, boot reverse drill
• Get-offs & redirects
• Straight get-off drill

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