Design More Effective Sessions With New Interval Training

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Peter John L. Thompson
90 minutes
Design More Effective Sessions With New Interval Training examines what track and field coaches can do to design more productive workouts for their athletes. The DVD reviews the history of interval training and explains how new interval training (i.e., any repetition training where the training effect takes place during the recovery between the faster-paced runs) improves on that. The DVD also discusses lactate dynamics training (i.e., the dynamic utilization and clearance of lactate so that lactate is optimately used around the body, as well as looks at the impact of varying running rhythms and pace-alternately increasing and reducing with the utilization and clearance being trained.

Among the topics covered:

• The original interval training
• Energetics
• The lactate shuttle
• What is lactate dynamics training?
• What is the new interval training?
• What are the benefits of new interval training?
• How do you use it?
• Technical development for endurance athletes
• Developing running rhythms