Developing a Pre-Game Checklist for Head Coaches

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Stan Zweifel
26 minutes

Developing a Pre-Game Checklist for Head Coaches provides an overview of factors that head coaches should address in helping ensure that their teams are adequately prepared for their next game. The DVD examines the five key areas of preparation-coordinator's review (what type of game is expected); staff organization (staff responsibilities on game day); player substitution & two-deep review (critical positions, depth problems, etc.); game considerations (staff expectations, weather, etc.); and philosophy (reemphasis of what the staff feels is important). The underlying objective of the checklist is to help coaches and teams be better prepared for whatever events or circumstances might occur during the game.

Among the topics covered:

• Pre-game checklist
• Coordinator review
• Staff organization
• Player substitution and 2-deep review
• Game considerations
• Philosophy