Developing a Successful Basketball Program

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James Brooks
357 pages

Looks past the X's and O's to help coaches of 6th to 12th grade players develop the organizational, managerial, communication and player-development skills necessary for developing not only a well-run and successful basketball program, but also enthusiastic and successful athletes. This all-inclusive resource covers every area of basketball coaching and program development, in two distinct sections. Section One covers the foundations of successful coaching, including: traits of a successful coach, communication, player evaluation and development, teaching new concepts, utilizing auxiliaries, practice, drills, game demeanor and management, nurturing college potential and more. Section Two addresses the fundamentals of the game itself, including the team and the roles of the players, exercise and weight programs, defense, screens, passing, catching, rebounding, dribbling, offense, shooting, free throws, fouls and much more. A beefy 357 pages of easy-to-understand information for new coaches and established coaches looking to excel to the next level of the game.