Developing the Tempo of a No-Huddle Offense

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Ron West
44 minutes
Developing the Tempo of a No-Huddle Offense presents a philosophical overview and an in-depth analysis of the hand signals, key words, basic fundamentals, techniques, and blocking schemes necessary to execute various tempos of a no-huddle offense. The DVD explains and illustrates how using various tempos and personnel groups in the no-huddle offense limits the structure and complexity of schemes defenses will employ. The DVD also reviews audibles that can be successfully employed in a no-huddle offense.

Among the topics covered:
  • Signals for formations
  • Runs, passes, and tempos
  • Key words for quick runs, quick passes, and short-yardage quick runs or passes
  • Normal tempo
  • Devil tempo
  • Indy tempo and play series
  • Speed tempo